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$90/60 mins​

$135/90 mins

$180/120 mins

We offer a comprehensive integration of diverse massage and bodywork techniques and practices. It is a unique style of massage that draws from all aspects of bodywork; each session is customized to exactly what you and your body needs. 

In addition to great bodywork, we also incorporate fun and effective technologies into the session; grounded massage tables, high-vibration essential oils, soothing gravity blankets, and frequency specific music - all helps ease the body into a healing meditative state.

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Each session is customized using passive and active stretching techniques depending on your goals and preferences. We can work on specific problem areas, or target certain muscles or muscle groups for various physical activities and sports. 

Excellent way to restore flexibility after a day on the mountain, a long day trekking,

or as an add-on to your massage session.

** Highly recommended for any one who isn't stoked on the oil/massage experience but needs help with recovery, flexibility, injury management and performance.

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$140/60 mins

$180/90 mins

$230/120 mins

Who wouldn't love a massage in the comfort of their own home? 

Same great bodywork in the quiet of your place without the hassle of driving - especially great on storm days!

Some hotels set a standard in-room massage rate and/or surcharges for all massage service performed on their property. This may affect the cost of your appointment. Check with hotel concierge for details. 

Note: In compliance with ADA, our mobile service is provided to those with disability at the same cost as a treatment at our location.

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